JUNE:  The Mycelium Spreads

More and more restaurants and markets are calling for our freshly harvested mushrooms!  In order to meet demand we brought on 2 more Mycelium Managers!  Etienne and Jamie are learning our processes and increasing our transfers per week!  Our team continues to grow!

Etienne and Jamie join our Nico and Ian.

Ian walks Etienne and Jamie through some transfer work

We’ve expanded our in stock grow supplies to include Liquid Culture Syringes pre-loaded with a few select mushroom strains and increased our stock of sterilized grain and substrate blocks. If you are considering growing mushrooms at home and want to see the whole process evolve, we can help you do it! (orders of grain spawn by request with 1 – 2 weeks lead time)

Sterilized grain, Pink Oyster, Golden Oyster, and Lion’s Mane Liquid Culture Syringes.
Grow your own mushrooms supplies on the shelf

Photographer Myco-Fox got a Ready to Fruit Block of Chestnut mushrooms and was able to capture some incredible moments with one of his rescued foxes.

Myco-Fox photography

We are now carrying Sfoglini Pasta, R+G Cheese, and Saratoga Garlic products along with our other locally made and grown items.  We will be expanding our shopping area next month as well!

We had 2 visits by the JGI media team who will be creating a ready for TV commercial for us!

JGI’s Rick and Jay Capturing Matt Olley’s Dinner with Matt Olley Capturing Avery Capturing them
The JGI Media team taking some photos of Matt’s dinner.

Jay from JGI filming Nico in the lab
Rick and Jay test light bounce through the grow room door
Mike carrying gear

Chef Matt Olley created an unbelievable dinner for our guests to enjoy. 4 courses, each loaded with deliciousness! All 20 guests left happy and full!

Matt Olley’s Dinner guests
Carta di Musica: Mushroom pate, smoked mushroom gelee, pickled things
Beet Root BBQ Trumpets, Summer Corn Polenta, Carrots, Salsa Verde
Dessert: Mushroom pots de creme: chaga chocolate and pepita brittle
Southern Fried Oyster Mushrooms, Corn Scallion Waffle, Mushroom Maple Syrup

Artist Jonn Paul lead a gouache workshop where attendees started with some splashed patterns and picked images out as they filled in details.

Jonn Paul helps Laura with her piece
Jonn Paul’s in progress creation
Amy and Avery’s Shiitake Metabolite on paper collaboration

Our mushrooms were featured at the Troy Veg Out through DiFamiglia and the Little Viking Co.

Matt Olley of Little Viking
Mushroom Philly Cheese Steak
“Angel Wings” from DiFamiglia

Our mushrooms will soon be available at the Saratoga Market and Healthy Living Cafe.  We dropped off some samples and talked to the produce buyers.

Avery presented a program at the Berne Public Library: Mushrooms, Mycology, and More.  Many excited people turned out to learn about how mushrooms can contribute to your wellness routine as well as help repair damages done to the environment from hundreds of years of industry and mismanagement.

We are playtesting another mushroom inspired game: Shroomia designed by our fungi friend and Author Charlatan Fraud.

Shroomia designed by Charlatan Fraud

We welcomed our first MycoArtist in Residence: Melissa Spiegel.  She is working to create mycelium inoculated mural quilts made with recycled and locally harvested fiber paper.  Check out our new MycoArtist in Residence page for her bio and to stay tuned for updates on her project.

Test Petri Dish with 4 different papers inoculated with Oyster Mycelium

We completed several infrastructure upgrades: New cool air plenums for both Grow 1 and Grow 3, and rebuilding some of our grow shelves to increase our capacity to grow.

Cold Air Plenum for Grow 1
Redesign of grow shelves

Katie Alois interviewed Avery for her Morel Compass youtube channel as a follow up from the Foraged New York festival.

Katie and Avery
Katie ready for the interview

You can watch the episode here:

We continued to strengthen our relationship with Tivoli Mushrooms down in Hudson.  Securing fresh Porcini and Morels from foragers out west and supplementing our mushroom supply while we were rebuilding from our May shortage.

Morels from Washington State
Porcini from Northern California

We hosted the second official meeting of the New York Psilocybin Action Committee. 

There are many fungi that provide medicinal benefits when consumed.  Psilocybin containing varieties not only impact the body in a variety of ways, but also help reprogram the mind. 

The NYPAC Coalition that we are growing continued to expand vehemently, connecting groups and individuals all across New York in order to remove the stigma often associated with Psilocybin use and make it accessible as a part of people’s wellcare routines.  Here’s our mission statement:

To create change in the legal status as regards to the growth, possession, sale, and consumption of Psilocybin and Psilocin containing fungi; and to spread awareness about the benefits and potential hazards of psilocybin use.

NYPAC June Meeting
NYPAC June Meeting
NYPAC June Meeting remote attendees
Avery, Corinne, and Steve meeting

Some of the NYPAC team met with Steve Apkon of Reconsider.  They helped produce the film Fantastic Fungi.  Here are a couple of their testimony pieces that we will be using to help remove the stigma and spread awareness about the impact of Psilocybin:

https://vimeo.com/705601576 (Nurses Gathering)

https://vimeo.com/632314697 (Veterans Gathering)

https://vimeo.com/showcase/9238968 (Stories of Transformation)

We’re now selling “Trippy Buckets” in our shop with the NYPAC logo designed by Oliver Holecek!  50% of the proceeds are being donated directly to NYPAC to support advocacy work.

Our Gofundme fundraiser is going strong!  Our supporters have donated over 10% of our goal already!  Thank you so much!  We will be continuing the fundraiser until September.


Coming Soon

July 1st: Mohawk Harbor Mushroom Walk and Talk as part of the Albany Symphony Orchestra American Music Festival Trailblaze, NY concert series 11am – 12:30pm

See more of their concert series details here:


July 10th: 2pm – 4pm, Second Sunday Poetry and Prose Open Mic

July 12th: Meditation amongst the mushrooms HAS BEEN CANCELED: See you on the 26th!

July 12th: New York Psilocybin Action Committee 8pm – 9pm (with How to Change your Mind watch party afterwards)

July 16th: Music and Creativity Celebration has been canceled.  We will be rescheduling Oba in 2023!

July 16th: 11am – 12pm Mushroom Identification walk and talk at Thatcher Park as part of their Bioblitz day long Program


July 16th: Farming Man at Indian Ladder Farms:  We’ll have a vendor table set up at Farming Man 


July 21st: 7pm – 8pm Mushroom Book Club Meeting (If you are interested in joining email Avery at collarcitymushrooms@gmail.com

July 24th: THE FARM SHOP WILL BE CLOSED while our whole team attends a day long mushroom festival “For the Love of Fungi” at the Ashokan Center in Olivebridge.  We’ll be running a low tech inoculation workshop and have a table set up with some fun products. 

July 25th: Myforest / Ecovative Substrate Processing Ribbon Cutting 1pm – 3pm

July 26th: Meditation Amongst the Mushrooms 7pm – 9pm

August 13th: Dinner on the Farm with David Stein $60/ticket gets you an incredible mushroom themed Vegetarian meal.

September 26th, October 3rd, October 17th, October 24 7pm – 8:30pm Avery will be teaching a non credit bearing course at Hudson Valley Community College on Mycology.

October 29th: Disc Golf Tournament fundraiser for New York Psilocybin Action Committee: more details coming soon!

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