March: Roaring all Month Long

March is a month of transitions and changes.  New growth begins to emerge, old growth resurfaces, life finds a way!  At Collar City Mushrooms, we made many new connections, continued to spread our mycelium, and flourished with fungi! The Shroomwagen roared out of storage and is getting ready to resume local deliveries. On March 11,Continue reading March: Roaring all Month Long

February: 1 Year Anniversary

February marked one year since we officially opened our doors for sales and experiences.  One year of growing mushrooms and spreading the mycelium. One year of expansion, development, and refinement.  We have come far, and we have so much left to accomplish.  February was a whirlwind of events, setting the pace for an active andContinue reading February: 1 Year Anniversary

Blog 20: January Mushrooms

Starting the year strong 2022 is off to a great start for us at Collar City Mushrooms! Our mycelial network has expanded into new restaurants and educational centers, we’re growing far more mushrooms, we’ve implemented a new inventory management system, and we have some really exciting events planned for the next few months.  The LittleContinue reading Blog 20: January Mushrooms

BLOG 19: Winter Happenings (Dec 2021)

December has come and gone, and we certainly finished the year strong.  We hosted multiple groups for tours, added new regular restaurant and market customers, meditated, and swapped cookies!  We are finding more ways to fill our space with growing mushrooms, and creating more opportunities for you to enjoy them! Here’s a snapshot of someContinue reading BLOG 19: Winter Happenings (Dec 2021)

Blog Post 18: Being Thankful 

November has left us with so many reasons to be Thankful.  Our grow rooms are full of fruiting fungi, our incubation chambers are overflowing with myceliating blocks, and more and more guests are visiting to explore our farm and buy our fresh delicious mushrooms!  We have continued to expand our product offerings from in houseContinue reading Blog Post 18: Being Thankful “

Blog Post 17: A Year In

October was a huge month for us at Collar City Mushrooms.  We Marked the one year anniversary of moving into the building at 333 Second Ave by celebrating with a team backyard picnic and some pizza and “wings” from DiFamiglia. We were invited to be a pop-up vendor for the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market again,Continue reading “Blog Post 17: A Year In”

Blog Post 16: September Strong

September was such a whirlwind month!  Collar City Mushrooms continued to myceliate, connect, and expand!  We had several events, officially released a few new products, and even gave a couple talks!  It was a very full 30 days! We expanded our home grow clientele to include people attempting to facilitate the growth of mushrooms atContinue reading “Blog Post 16: September Strong”

Blog Post 15: August Fruits Abound!

Every inch we creep forward is further distance gained!  We seem to be growing in all directions now!  Expanding products, connecting with new customers, building relationships, and creating experiences!  Starting with the River Street Expo, going through DJ Stark Raving Mod’s Tie Dye Psychedelic Sundayze event into the 2nd Sunday at 2 Poetry and ProseContinue reading “Blog Post 15: August Fruits Abound!”

Blog Post 14: Into the Forest we Go!

July was such an incredible month for mushrooms!  With all the rain that has been falling in the Capital Region the local mycelial webs have really flourished!  Many of our team actually found time to get into the woods and trails nearby and were able to find and forage lots of tasty edibles! So farContinue reading “Blog Post 14: Into the Forest we Go!”