The Forest Called… We Answered

May is always such an exciting month.  The forests and fields spring vibrantly back to life, people start spending more time outdoors, and there is food to be found everywhere!  Our 2nd annual Foraged New York Festival was a huge success!  People all over the Capital Region enjoyed wild harvested treats at 15 different bars,Continue reading “The Forest Called… We Answered”

Foraging Season Is Upon Us!

There are buds on the trees, wild leeks poking through leaf litter, and mycelium forming mushrooms!  Time to get in the forest and find some fungi and foraged greens! Preparing for Foraged New York is one of our favorite times of the year!  Supplying foraged goods to area restaurants and sampling them ourselves is suchContinue reading “Foraging Season Is Upon Us!”

DECEMBER: No Time to Hibernate

December was a month of vigorous activity!  We gathered at the farm for a wide range of events, grew our restaurant customer base, and produced record breaking (for us) amounts of mushrooms! Our dinner on the farm curated by Chef Ria was an incredibly delicious evening! Mushrooms very prominently took the stage in every course! Continue reading “DECEMBER: No Time to Hibernate”

November Notoriety

During the month of November we were showcased through so many news and media streams!  News Channel 6, News Channel 10, the Times Union, Indian Ladder Farms’ Podcast, Cynthia Pooler’s ‘Local Everywhere” Youtube Channel, and the Hudson Mohawk Radio Station!  The Mycelium is spreading!  There are paywalls to the Times Union articles, but you canContinue reading “November Notoriety”

October Celebrations

October is one of our favorite months at Collar City Mushrooms.  The fall’s cooler weather and northeast rains make the landscape really pop with beautiful colors! It is a  perfect time for leaf peeping and fungi foraging!  It also means we’ve been at 333 2nd Ave for 2 full years!  Our team has grown, we’reContinue reading October Celebrations

September: Circling Every Oak

September was a very busy month!  We Spread our spores far and wide!  Multiple events at the farm brought in guests, and multiple venues and organizations fed people with our beautiful mushrooms!  We got into the forest for the beginning of “circle-every-oak” season and found a variety of fresh fungi: Hedgehogs, Coralloides, Boletes, Chanterelles, Chicken,Continue reading September: Circling Every Oak

August Fungi

We had so many positive developments in August!  We picked up another small mushroom farm’s lab equipment, we installed a brand new multiple mini-split heating and cooling system, and we expanded our customer base along with the amount of fresh mushrooms we are harvesting.  Artist Lindsay Kirk Started dropping off her work that will beContinue reading August Fungi