Locally (Troy, NY) Farmed Mushrooms

We Grow Them. You should try them. Come right in!

Growing fresh, gourmet, nutraceutical mushrooms is our primary focus. We sell to walk in customers, restaurant clients, food pantries, and small independent grocery stores.


We’re open Wednesday through Sunday

W 10 – 3, Thursday 10 – 5, Friday 10 – 3, Saturday 10 – 3, Sunday 12 – 3

We are an indoor urban vertical mushroom farm, production facility, mycological education center, and community gathering space! Come visit, enjoy some mushroom tea, take in some art, and talk fungi with us!


Pink Oysters


The world of fungi is one realm that most people know very little. Mushroom cultivation and how fungi can benefit our communities and the world as a whole are something more and more people are becoming curious about. At Collar City Mushrooms we built our farm to be approachable and open. With viewing windows into our grow rooms and lab visitors can watch the process unfold before their eyes. We host fieldtrips for learners of all age ranges. We are listed on the NYS BOCES Arts & Enrichment website ID number 6253:

Wild Foraged Mushrooms on Pasta


American diets are often severely lacking in nutrients and fiber. Mushrooms offer a complete package as a healthy food. They are the all natural, unprocessed, soy free, gluten free, cruelty free alternative to alternative products. Meaty, tasty, and varied across different strains they provide rich flavors and texture differences to round out every meal. Low in sodium, rich in minerals, mushrooms are functional foods: they nourish the body and also provide potential health benefits (statements not approved by the FDA). See our Dao de Mogu page for a breakdown of a selection of the mushrooms we grow and how they act as true warriors in the fight for your health.

Out of the Darkness event featuring artist John Zoccoli


The Collar City Mushrooms team members are all creatives in one form or another and we strongly support the idea that life is better when you are surrounded by art. We regularly rotate visual art through our space, host poetry readings, music events, book club meetings, and cooking demonstrations. And growing mushrooms is an art itself and as the fruit unfurls the beauty grows. Anyone who enters can marvel at these incredible organisms as they develop. Check out our events page for upcoming ways you can be entertained at our farm, or stop in and check out the art that is on display.

“So glad to be paired with Collar City Mushrooms. I’m looking forward to collaborating more in the future. What you have at your farm is a gift to the Capital Region culinary community.” – Chef Matthew Joyce, Prime at the Plaza

“Thank you for providing such incredible food. The mushrooms were a crowd favorite!” -Capital Roots NY

Our Farm.


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*Mushroom varieties will rotate on a regular basis.

Why You’ll Love Us

There has never been a better time to eat local. Local means engaging with other small businesses. Local means caring about sustainability. Local means :

  • Delicious
  • Medicinal
  • Nutraceutical
  • Holistic
  • Healthy
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonally Wild Foraged
  • Delivery Options

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our farm wouldn’t exist without the generous beginning donations of our GoFundMe supporters. While the original campaign has ended and the rewards have all been handed out, we would still greatly appreciate any additional funds you may be interested in providing! See our campaign here, and donate if you’d like! We Will be creating a second “Wall of Mycelial Supporters” piece of art acknowledging those folks who continued to contribute after our campaign ended.

See our PHASE 2 campaign and contribute (or share) here: https://gofund.me/4951e015

Collar City Mushrooms

(B)Log Life

When can you visit our shop and buy our delicious mushrooms?!? We are open the below days and times. Come for the mushrooms, stay for the art! We have a rotating display of art and items for you to enjoy as well! Come on in!


Wednesday 10a – 3p

Thursday 10 a – 5p

Friday 10a – 3p

Saturday 10a – 3p

Sunday 12p – 3p

We are located in North Troy / Lansingburgh, across from Ted’s Fish Fry.

333 Second Ave, Troy NY 12182