Locally Farmed All -Natural Mushrooms

We Grow Mushrooms. You should try them.

Growing fresh, gourmet, nutraceutical mushrooms is our primary focus. We sell to walk in customers, restaurant clients, food pantries, and small independent grocery stores.


Why Mushrooms?

Collar City Mushrooms is one node in the great interconnected mycelial mat providing the substrate out of which is growing a movement that will impact the way we see the world.  The fungi kingdom includes life forms that can offer nutrients, that include healthful medicinal properties, that can mycoremediate petroleum based wastes, that enrich and renew soils, that can induce mind altering spiritual growth, and that can be used as building materials, textiles, and biodegradable packaging.  Understanding the mushroom and the way it interacts with its environment will help us save ourselves and the way we live.

Why Troy?

Like the intricate mycelial network of any flourishing fungal community, Troy supports, shares, and grows to encompass many disparate organisms, yet we are one Troy.  Our businesses and neighborhoods have such unique character and strong inclusive communities.  Creative and dedicated people live, work and thrive all throughout the city.  There are so many opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, and participation.  Avery has lived in Troy since 2013, and worked in Troy off and on since 2001.  It is a city working towards bearing amazing fruit.  Collar City Mushrooms is going to be a hub of connectivity between the many urban gardens, blossoming artists, and creative entrepreneurs making this city a wonderful place to enjoy.

Why Us?

The world of fungi draws so many to it, creating mutually beneficial relationships, inspiring life changes, and illustrating possible connections.  The Collar City Mushrooms team has been drawn together from across the area, drawn by an interest in mushrooms and how they can benefit ourselves and society as a whole.  We are a group that loves to create, to experiment, to laugh, to love, to enjoy new experiences, and to bring about change.  Each one of us has jumped through hurdles, overcome challenges, and stepped up to the agar plate with determination.  We are crazy about mushrooms, but we are also dedicated to building community and to serving tasty food and medicine to those who are interested.  Mushrooms are the past, mushrooms are the present, and mushrooms will be the way of the future!  The health benefits, the ecological benefits, and the societal benefits are just now beginning to be researched. We are excited to be riding this wave of discovery while bringing local fresh mushrooms to the capital region and beyond.

Our Farm.


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*Mushroom varieties will rotate on a regular basis.

Why You’ll Love Us

There has never been a better time to eat local. Local means engaging with other small businesses. Local means caring about sustainability. Local means :

  • Delicious
  • Medicinal
  • Nutraceutical
  • Holistic
  • Healthy
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonally Wild Foraged
  • Delivery Options

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our farm wouldn’t exist without the generous beginning donations of our GoFundMe supporters. While the original campaign has ended and the rewards have all been handed out, we would still greatly appreciate any additional funds you may be interested in providing! See our campaign here, and donate if you’d like! We Will be creating a second “Wall of Mycelial Supporters” piece of art acknowledging those folks who continued to contribute after our campaign ended.

Se our campaign and contribute (or share) here: https://gofund.me/4951e015

Collar City Mushrooms

(B)Log Life

When can you visit our shop and buy our delicious mushrooms?!? We are open the below days and times. Come for the mushrooms, stay for the art! We have a rotating display of art and items for you to enjoy as well! Come on in!


Wednesday 10a – 2p

Thursday 10 a – 5p

Friday 10a – 3p

Saturday 10a – 3p

Sunday 12p – 3p

We are located in North Troy / Lansingburgh, across from Ted’s Fish Fry.

333 Second Ave, Troy NY 12182