Blog Post 13! July 2021

We’re really growing now! 

As we enter our 6th month of full operation, our production flow is really smoothing out!  Nico and Ian have a solid system for churning through the lab work and Avery, Amy, Bree, and all of our volunteers have been harvesting, cleaning, prepping for grow, and running the sales floor!  

With the increase in mushrooms we have expanded where we offer our fresh fungi!  We’ve now added a second Albany County Drop Spot, this one close to the actual city: The Delmar Bistro at 180 Delaware Ave (in the Hannaford Plaza).  We are there from 3pm to 5pm every Tuesday.

The Delmar Bistro at 180 Delaware Ave

The Clermont Pop-Up by Alexander Goldman is back in action, this time at the space that was Plumb Oyster bar in Troy and he has been selling out his dishes made with our mushrooms every week!

DiFamiglia Pizza on Oakwood Ave in Troy made a delicious roasted mushroom pizza with our Blue Oysters and is going to continue to experiment with them to see how they can be worked into their menu.

Our line of dehydrated and powdered goods is coming together.  We will have dried whole mushrooms, salts, seasonings, teas, and powders for purchase soon!  Sun-dried shiitake has the curious property of being able to capture and retain Vitamin D, making it a true vitamin booster!  The packaging and labels are coming together and we should launch before August! 

Shiitake drying in the sun

The team installed a wine cap ( Stropharia rugosoannulata) bed in the corner of our parking lot!  We added some shade and hopefully we’ll get some mushrooms this fall or next spring!

Wine Cap Bed
Ian, Amy, Bree, and Avery

After several months of myceliating, we are finally fruiting Maitake again!  We will have a very limited supply of this super flavourful, incredibly meaty mushroom through the end of July (or while supplies last)!  But now that we have a fruiting system in place we should be adding them into our regular rotation (they take a long time before they are ready to grow, so it’ll be months again!)

Grifola frondosa (Maitake or Hen-of-the-woods)

We also grew a beautiful crop of reishi!  We lost our last group of bags to a contaminated culture, but we have everything cleaned up and an isolated tent for fruiting these gorgeous and medicinally powerful fungi!  They will be dried and added to our teas and powders!

Ganoderma lucidum

A few things we’re considering:  

Game Nights at the farm.  We love board games, and love playing them with people!  We have been talking about having a game night at the farm once a month!  

Story time for young learners.  Avery was an elementary school teacher, has raised two humans to adulthood, and loves watching the joy of learning in mycologists of all ages!  We have a variety of books for various aged learners and we would pair them with activities at the farm.

Mushroom book club for advanced readers (16yrs through adult).  There are so many great books on mushrooms and how their various uses can have a positive impact on the world.

Host your private event at the farm for 25 guests or under.  We have hosted a few celebrations here at the farm already for small groups and it’s worked out really well.  It’s a great environment to relax and have fun.

Let us know (instagram message / facebook message / or reply to this blog on wordpress) if any of these additional activities would be something you’re interested in!

Mushroom of the Month:

Cinnamon Cap aka Chestnut Mushroom (Pholiota adiposa)

These crisp tasty mushrooms like cooler temps to fruit and take several weeks to pin so getting our growing conditions dialed in has taken some work.  But now that we have our grow rooms where we need them these spiky little fungi are producing beautiful clusters of mushrooms!  We have cooked them several times in a dry pan with just salt and pepper and they are truly delightful!


July 11th: Collar City Mushrooms will be hosting Psychedelic Sundaze: a Mushrooms, Music and tie-dye event from 12p – 3p with groovy tunes by DJ Stark Raving MOD. 

July 17th 5p – 7p: Our next Bliss Arts NY curated artist, Armando Soto, will have his work up starting June 26th and our live kick off event with music by Jeanine Ouderkirk along with some mushroom based foods will be out back rain or shine.  FREE (donations encouraged and appreciated)



July 24th: 1p – 4p Artist workshop with Armando Soto.  Space will be limited, reservations required.  $45 per participant (includes all required materials) 

August 1st: we’ll have a booth at the Troy River Expo where we’ll be showcasing our dried and powdered products.

Volunteers: if you are looking to come learn about the process of growing mushrooms and lend a hand for an hour or so  it would be very much appreciated!  Reach out to Kaya, our volunteer coordinator, at:

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