November: A Time For Growth

Growth can happen so fast and vigorously.  We have fully occupied the first floor of 333 Second Ave.  We have 5 temporary grow tents in operation.  We have harvested over a pound of lion’s mane, several shiitake, and several pounds of oysters.  This is just the beginning and it has been so exciting to see all the mushrooms grow and change while our facility does the same.  

Shiitake Blocks
Lion’s Mane Fruit

King Trumpet Oysters

Exciting Times!

Chef teams from Berben and Wolff’s and Night Hawks have visited and made guarantees to buy our mushrooms once we are fully scaled up.  The Siena Stack Center for Entrepreneurship (Avery is an alumni) has asked to feature us on their podcast.  And we made our first few official sales!

Our first customer.

We have been working tirelessly to get our growing block inventory up to scale so that once our rooms are ready we can move in and grow all the mushrooms!

We hope to have our official ribbon cutting and grand opening in late December just in time to get some last minute holiday shopping in!  But in the meantime, we will be hosting a virtual tour and meet the team event on Friday, November 13th at 6pm. 

Our in progress “celebration of supporters” wall

October Competition winner:

There was no competition during October as we were so busy moving into the building and figuring out logistics, so keep an eye out on our facebook page for a November edition (it may be something to do with the Dao de Mogu characters).

Mushroom of the month:

Blue Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus)

The Pleurotus family of fungi has such a variety of members.  There are pink, golden, white, blue, black, king trumpet, and pearl oysters just to name a few!  We will be growing a selection of these mushrooms continually.  The first mushrooms that fruited in the farm were grown using grain spawn from North Spore.  These beautiful fruits are so tasty and nutritional.  We have sauteed them and included them in pasta dishes, soups, and wild rice and lentil salads!  They are a wonderful addition to so many dishes.

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