What do I do?!

So What Do you Do With Them?!

Mushrooms are often a mystery to the uninitiated. There are so many different types of edible and medicinal mushrooms and most people are only familiar with the Agaricus family often found in American grocery stores. At Collar City Mushrooms, we provide our customers with an opportunity to explore new culinary tastes and textures outside of what has traditionally been consumed by the wider public. Explore our variety of gourmet, nutraceutical fungi, step outside of the box, get creative, new culinary adventures await! Mushrooms are a perfect alternative to meat. They are a vegan, all natural, unprocessed source of all 9 essential amino acids.

For those looking for simple suggestions, here are some easy ways to incorporate more mushrooms into your diet.

Sautee some (oysters, lion’s mane, shiitake, beech, pioppino, or a blend, etc… ) and add to your grilled cheese, your pulled pork, your black beans for tacos, your crumbled beef for chili, your sauteed vegetables for your Mediterranean tagine bowls, your omelette, your red sauce for pasta, to top your burger, to complement your steak, to provide a new side dish. You can roast them, you can broil them, you can grill them, you can marinate them and dehydrate them for jerky! Pickle them! Powder them! The possibilities are endless!

Za’atar Marinated Blue Oysters Roasted with Ramp Bulbs. (then broiled to crisp them)

For those looking for specific recipes, here are a few of our favorites!

Beech Mushrooms and Wild Foraged Chanterelles in a white wine sauce served over wild rice.
Vegan and Gluten Free crackers topped with roasted crispy mushroom “bacon” chips.
Empanadas with potato, onion, and our oyster and shiitake mushrooms

We consider mushrooms to be “Tree Meat.” A vegan, gluten free, all natural un-processed alternative to alternative protein sources.

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