What about “THOSE” mushrooms

Disgruntled Shiitake wonders where his friends are.


With a wink and a nod we often get asked if we carry “THOSE” mushrooms… if we can sell “MAGIC” mushrooms… or how to start microdosing with Psilocybe. While we usually respond with “all mushrooms are magic,” the question of why we can’t supply our customers with a product that is clearly in demand is a perplexing one. In the United States, all fungi containing Psilocybin (one of the active compounds in the hallucinogenic family of mushrooms used for millennium by traditional cultures for healing and rites of passage) are considered harmful Schedule 1 drugs with no medicinal or positive attributes at all and a high probability for abuse. This makes them illegal to possess, illegal to grow, and illegal to sell. We at Collar City Mushrooms disagree with the legal status of these fungi, but will absolutely not endanger our ability to operate by engaging in illegal activity. That being said, we fully support ending the prohibition of these mushrooms and are actively working to create policy change. If you are interested in these types of mushrooms and how they can benefit you, we encourage you to contact your local, regional, state, and federal legislatures. Our government is supposed to work for us, and the more voices demand change, the more likely it is to happen.

To find your federal representative click here:


To find your New York State assembly person click here:


To find your local city or town leaders visit your municipality’s website. We operate in Troy and our is:

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