Of the Forest

Benefitting from the medicinal qualities of mushrooms is not limited to mere consumption. Mushrooms can be applied directly to the skin to great effect! From healing wounds to blending pigmentation, removing sunspots to smoothing wrinkles, mushrooms as skin care offer a variety of health, wellness, and beauty supporting results!


and your skin

In addition to Collar City Mushrooms grown mushrooms and wild, sustainably foraged chaga, of the Forest skin care products by Ground Up Apothecary contain the following ingredients:

SCRUB: Brown Sugar, Chaga Mushroom Powder, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, fir oil, sandalwood

MASK: Dead Sea Clay, activated Charcoal, chaga mushroom powder, sun-dried shiitake mushroom powder, lion’s mane mushroom powder, mct oil, hemp seed oil, aloe vera, soy wax

Lotion: Coconut milk, hemp seed oil, almond oil, avocado oil, soy wax, oyster mushroom powder, sun-dried shiitake mushroom powder, fir oil, sandalwood

Body Butter (creme) : Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa butter, shea butter, sun-dried shiitake mushroom powder, oyster mushroom powder

Vegan, All Natural.  Made in New York.

Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Oyster Blend, and Sundried Shiitake Powders.

“Wearing the mask and practicing some quiet meditation feels like I am communing with the forest floor after a good rain. After one use I noticed it evened out and brightened my complexion and seems to have moisturized without leaving behind any oily residue. After 5 minutes everything had absorbed and my skin felt and looked happy!”

Eliza C.

A few articles to support these claims:




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