Dao de Mogu: Mushrooms and you!

From whence do ideas spring?  How does inspiration work?  Which parts of two creative forces working on the same substrate are random and which intentional?!  When Avery first decided to launch Collar City Mushrooms as a company he sought to bring together many of his creative friends to collaborate on a coloring book to reward donors to our GoFundMe campaign and then to be available as a sellable product once the brick and mortar retail space opened up.  One of those creatives happened to be Mike Lake of Lake_Graphics.  Meanwhile, attempting to come up with a unique and catchy way to showcase the mushrooms and their purported benefits had been percolating.  When Mike provided his submission for the coloring book sparks flew, and the idea fully brewed.  By creating a series of warrior characters we could grab people’s attention and provide quickly digestible facts about what they are capable of.  The Dao de Mogu (The Way of the Mushroom) was born.  So far we have the art for 7 characters based on the mushrooms that we are growing.  There are already two card based games in creation and at least a 4 issue comic series taking place in Myconation featuring these Mushroom Warriors and the other fungi they encounter. 

Creator of the Dao de Mogu Warriors: Mike Lake

There is even a simple yet fun computer game using the warriors called Shiitake Adventurer: the legend of the forager. You can play it here:


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